About Me

My name is Meg, and I'm a 19 year old from the United States, but I'm currently studying in New York. I gradually began to change my eating habits and my overall lifestyle choices in the spring of 2014. Right away, I noticed a huge difference in my energy levels, mood, and general well-being. I originally just stuck to people's recipes that I found online, but I then got the hang of it and started to create my own. I then created my Instagram in August (@withalmondbutterontop), and have loved connecting with people like yourself. I listened to my followers, went out of my comfort zone and created a blog because I love to feel good and I want others to feel good, as well.

No, I am not vegan, gluten-free, nor am I strictly paleo. However, all my recipes will fall under at least one of these categories because eating that kind of food makes me feel good. That being said, I'm a huge believer in balance and treating myself so that I also feel good psychologically. It took me  a while to find a good balance for myself, and I went through a lot of ups and downs finding that place where I felt I had a healthy relationship with food. Transitioning into a healthier lifestyle can be confusing. My motto now is to just listen to your body because food should be enjoyable, not stressful.

My favorite things to cook are breakfast foods (especially oatmeal and pancakes) and desserts (all of them are refined sugar-free!) I also cook a lot of breads, savory meals, smoothies, and spreads.

Thanks for visiting, take off your shoes and grab a spoon.


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